Whispering Bob curates Lakeside Stage at Festival of Beer

whispering bob harris to curate music at the festival of beer at blackpit brewery.jpg


Ever listened to the Country Show on Radio 2? Then you’ll already be aware of the music legend that is Bob Harris...

...oh and he co-founded Time-Out Magazine and even has an OBE! We approached Bob and his team to help curate the lakeside stage at our Festival of Beer and Brewing, in August... and they said yes!

Truth be told, we’ve worked with Bob and his ‘Under the Apple Tree' brand before, so we knew he loved a good pint! So much so, he’s even got a beer named after him... it’s brewed by Pig & Porter.

For the Festival of Beer and Brewing he’s selecting a line-up of up and coming artists... he’s possibly even going to pop along for a pint, if we’re lucky! More details to follow.