Cider at a Beer Festival? Saxby's on board!

saxbys cider at blackpits festival of beer and brewing 001.jpg

Husband and Wife team, Phil & Amanda Saxby, are prepped to indulge all the non-beer drinkers at the Festival of Beer!



Yes, there will be drinks other than beer available at The Festival of Beer... who would have thought it! Seriously though, we don't judge!

Saxby's use a blend of different apples, grown on their own farm, to make their range of cider which is very quaffable. Phil, the maker, explains "Being based in Northamptonshire we use apple varieties from the West Country and the best varieties from East Anglia for a sort of hybrid that is the perfect balance of sweetness and tannins. It’s all in the blend!".


Their range includes fruit ciders too... forget mass-produced fruit ciders, theirs is nothing like that! It's subtle in its flavours and held in great acclaim; so much so it's appeared on BBC Radio 2!

They haven't let us know exactly what they're bringing yet but we know it's going to be good!

saxbys at the festival of beer in buckinghamshire.jpg