Brewery News #1



Here’s a promise,
the news is going to be

‘ Short & Sweet ’

Welcome to the first Blackpit Sunday Newspaper, a short & sweet email to keep you up-to-date with 3 bits of news we thought you’d love to hear about...




-summer party-

16th September 2017


“…it’s going to be another sell out!”


If you haven’t booked your free ticket then do so now... after the huge success of the Opening Party, tickets for the Summer Party are going like hot cakes - or cold beer!

With a combination of great food, quaffable drinks and like minded people, is there really a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?





-local barley-



Wondering where your produce comes from?
Wanting to support local? You’re not alone!

We always want to do better; buying ingredients from the wholesaler is the norm but our local farmer grows barley... surely it’s only logical to try and buy local?

We’ve been out in the fields, only a couple of miles from Blackpit, sourcing barley from our local farmer, Clive & his dog (Jess who’s pictured at the top) to try and use his grain as the base from some of our brews.

It’s a bit of a slow process - you can’t brew with barley straight out of the field, it needs to be malted first. Malting is the next step in the journey. Read about it, as soon it happens, in a later edition of the Sunday News.





-new beer-



We’ve been busy developing a new beer, so new we haven’t even named it yet!

It’s a 3.4% easy drinking ‘old-school’ session ale, a bit like a best-bitter, with more flavour coming from the malts than the hops

 We’ve held off selling any to the trade so you
can be the first to try it at the Summer Party, on the
16th of September!



Blackpit Brewery