Cask Ale - Blackpit Best

Cask Ale - Blackpit Best

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Cask ale …it really is the best way to drink beer; that's why it tastes so good in the pub and now it can taste that good at home!

Our cask ale comes in two sizes: 36 or 72pints and each cask comes with everything you’ll need to enjoy your beer: taps, wedges and even 12 pint glasses. Also included is a 'pump clip' for you to keep as a memento of your barrel of Blackpit.

Don’t worry if you’ve never ‘tapped’ a barrel before, it's good fun and we’ll give you instructions when you collect your beer.

Do you need Bright Beer? A standard cask comes ‘on-the-yeast’ meaning it will need to be sat for 36 hours to let any sediment and yeast settle, to the bottom of the cask, to give you a clear beer. Bright beer has already settled in our cellar and the clear beer has then been decanted into a fresh cask, leaving any sediment behind. This means it can be tapped & drunk immediately, without needing to settle.

Please note:
Casks are collection only.
- Please order/allow 5 working days’ before collection
- Beer is a ‘live’ product; it needs to be drunk within 3 days of being tapped
- When you collect, we will ask for a £50 deposit which will be returned to you when you bring the empty cask back to the brewery.

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