meet the
blackpit team



Favourite Beer:
Seafarers, George Gale & Co

Involved with:
Everything from brewing to deliveries

I don’t think there’s a type of beer I don’t like to drink… that being said, it’s hard to beat the first sip of a pint of real ale in the pub after a hard day’s graft. Most of my best memories are of days accompanied by the odd beer or more!

Brewing on a larger scale is new to me so I’m looking forward to honing my skills alongside the rest of the team. I hope we’ll produce some fine beers which do the British craft proud.



Favourite Beer:
Trelawny, St Austell Brewery

Involved with:
Sales, distribution and events

Through the events business, I have had the pleasure of working with a great number of craft breweries, each of which offer their own twist on traditional English ales. 

These relationships have helped me fine tune my pallet to what I believe makes the perfect session ale!

Good beer, shared with friends, is what it’s all about for me!



Favourite Beer:
Mill Race, Towcester Mill Brewery

Involved with:
Artwork, marketing and beer tasting

I grew up in rural Bedfordshire drinking real ale poured straight from the cask in the local pub. That's the sort of beer I love and I'm hugely excited to see some of it in our beer range!

For me, beer is a special thing that brings people together and I (as cheesy as it sounds) really believe it has a huge part to play in the way we work… we’ve been drinking it since Egyptian times!





Favourite Beer:
Landlord, Timothy Taylor

Looks after:
Organising the team & beer testing

There's nothing I enjoy more than a decent pint of ale. I have put a great deal of time & effort into perfecting my tasting skills over the years and have shared many a good time with friends doing so.

My experience in the events industry has enabled me to gain an insight into what people really want from a beer, and I believe we have the perfect combination to brew some outstanding ales.




Favourite Beer:
Proper Job,
St Austell

Looks after:
Running the brewhouse

I've been brewing for the best part of my working life; it's something I have a real passion for. 

For me, the most exciting part of brewing is tapping that first barrel and pulling off a crystal clear pint. As a brewer you won't experience a better feeling.

Experimenting to achieve that perfect taste and great aroma is all part of the fun, hauling those bags of malt up a ladder...
maybe not so much!



Favourite Beer:
Blue Moon (with a slice of orange)

Involved with:
Admin, events and creative bits

I have worked with the guys in their events business and I’m super excited to get involved in the launch of Blackpit Brewery.

I love to try new beers and ales at my local pub and look forward to getting more educated in beers and brewing over the coming months.

When I’m not drinking beer, I’m on a mission to find a perfectly crafted mojito!


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